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Pears with Mascarpone Cream and Zabaglione sauce (serves 4 people)

COME INTO THE KITCHEN with Christine Fellini

There is now a decided chill in the air in the morning and evening. However, we still have an abundance of late summer produce in the garden, especially pears. I would like to share with you this delicious recipe that I have been making for years always with great success. So please have a go and perhaps let me have your thoughts !

PERE AL MASCARPONE E ZABAGLIONE    –  Pears with Mascarpone Cream and Zabaglione sauce (serves 4 people)

2 Large firm Pears

Small glass dry white wine

2 Tbs caster sugar

75 g granulated  sugar

2/3 whole cloves

2 Star Anise

Zest of ½ unwaxed lemon

125g Mascarpone cheese

2 Tbs Icing sugar

3 egg yolks

140g caster sugar

Caramelised sugar “shards”  for decoration


1. Place the whole pears into a saucepan with the wine, 2 Tbs caster sugar, cloves and star anise. Add enough water to cover the pears. 2. Poach until tender – remove from liquid and set aside to cool. 3. Put 75g of granulated sugar into a small saucepan with 1Tbls water and bring to boil over a medium heat 4. Meanwhile line a baking tray with a baking sheet slightly oiled. 5. When the caramel is a good brown colour drizzle it in a free form pattern onto the baking sheet and allow to cool. Once cold this can be broken into random shaped “shards”

6. Beat together the Mascarpone and icing sugar to form a thick cream – cover and place in the fridge until needed. 6. Reduce down the poaching liquid until about ¼ original quantity

7. Whisk together the egg yolks, 140g caster sugar and lemon zest until creamy then gently whisk in the warm poaching juice, and then warm over a double saucepan, whisking continually, until the sauce thickens. 8. Cut the pears in half lengthways and remove the core and seeds to form a round cavity. 9. On each plate put a spoonful of Zabaglione sauce, place a  ½ pear on top, fill the cavity with the Mascarpone cream and decorate with caramel shards.



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