Pears with Mascarpone Cream and Zabaglione sauce (serves 4 people)

COME INTO THE KITCHEN with Christine Fellini There is now a decided chill in the air in the morning and evening. However, we still have an abundance of late summer produce in the garden, especially pears. I would like to share with you this delicious recipe that I have been making for years always with […] more

Risotto con Funghi (serves 4 people)

COME INTO THE KITCHEN with Christine Fellini At this time of the year the garden is look a little forlorn and we are all looking forward to the abundance of fruit and vegetables that spring and summer will bring us. However, here is a recipe for a tasty and hearty mushroom risotto which is very […] more

The Cheats Guide to being a Domestic Godess

• If you have not had the time or inclination to give the house a good clean before visitors arrive spray the room with a little spritz of furniture polish – I will smells as if you have been cleaning for hours !! • Light the room with candles . My carpet has seen better […] more


Bicarbonate of Soda has to be the answer to cheap and eco friendly household cleaning as it can be used for so many jobs. 1. Hate cleaning the oven and those expensive shop bought aerosols get up your nose then the answer is at hand. Try and get hold of an old baby’s plastic bath. […] more

Fast Food Italian Style (serves 4)

8 pieces of free range chicken (drumsticks & thighs) 10/12 pitted black olives Branch of ripe cherry tomatoes Couple of sprigs of fresh Thyme 1 unwaxed lemon Salt & freshly ground black pepper Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Small glass of dry white wine Throw the chicken pieces into a roasting pan, season. Add the […] more